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Hokkaido gets "snow" when it gets winter.

Hokkaido, which has a cold season when honeybees can not survive, has a short period in which honey can be collected even in Japan, and the amount of honey that can be collected varies depending on the climate every year.

Honey from Hokkaido is one of the most valuable honeys in Japan.

Summer Limited



Hokkaido milk soft cream for young women in Japan are popular.
Topped with organic honey and organic edible flowers.
Perfect for dating and women's travel, the summer limited soft-serve ice cream suitable for photography.

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3 Reasons You Should Visit NATURAL HONEY

NATURALHONEY is a new photo spot in Otaru.

The shop is decorated with flowers and is popular among women.
Also recommended for girls traveling and couples dating spots !

Valuable natural honey collected in safe and secure Hokkaido.

Hokkaido has a season when it snows, so the time to harvest honey is short and valuable.

Soft-Serve ice cream is sold that is topped with honey in Hokkaido thick milk soft in summer limited

Especially recommended if the season you visit is summer !



1-2-16, Ironai, Otaru Shi, Hokkaido, 047-0031, Japan

What are your criteria for choosing honey?

You can also buy honey in your country.

However, cheap honey, such as those in supermarkets that are readily available, can be mixed with sugar and can break the natural honey nutrients due to overheating.

Where do you buy honey?

Honey in Hokkaido is made by honeybees that survive the harsh winter.

Bees die of cold when it snows. The beekeepers in Hokkaido are always trying to survive.

Unfortunately, some bees can't pass the winter and die.

Honey in Hokkaido is the fruit of the efforts of bee farmers and strong honey bees that survive in harsh environments.

Please don't be fooled by cheap honey.

Bee farmers do not use special processing to avoid destroying the nutrients of precious natural honey.

So honey crystallizes.

Cooks prefer honey that doesn't crystallize, but be careful.

If you heat honey, it can prevent crystallization, but instead, nutrients will break.

Honey without nutrients is just sugar.

You are consuming a lot of sugar.

How about the honey you always buy?

We shop sell genuine and authentic natural honey. Sometimes it can be inconvenient to cook. But it is the best to take in the nutrition of honey.